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Wet Filtration

Filtercare is the Australian agent for GKD wet filtration products.

Process Belts

Horizontal Belt Filters – Linear Screens – Belt Presses

As a technological leader, GKD offers a wide range of versatile process belts made of mesh and spirals for demanding processes and applications. Customers all over the world use the GKD product range and custom-made solutions to dewater, press, filter, separate, dry, cool or freeze products. Besides this, GKD process belts are used in applications including wood embossing, heat treatment and in the textile and nonwovens industry. Thanks to production on state-of-the-art heavy-duty looms and spiral machines, our process belt types made of plastic, metal or a combination of materials are highly stable and at the same time flexible. Moreover, the ultra-flat PAD seam developed by GKD demonstrates our innovative capacity. We are a reliable partner for all projects from the outset: from consultation and individual development, right up to procurement and assembly.

Filter Cloths

Filter Press Cloths – Lorax Filters –  Pressure Leaf Filters   

GKD offers filter cloths for optimum performance for virtually any application from our extensive range of filter fabrics.

GKD filter cloths are made of various yarn compositions such as polypropylene, polyester and polyamide; woven with monofilaments, multifilament’s, spun yarn or combined yarns. These options offer the ideal filtration solutions for the filtering of liquids and forming of cakes in the different applications, including acidic or alkaline conditions at high temperatures.  Because these cloths are hand-made in our sewing department, any size and fit of filter cloth required by our customers can be tailored.

Wet Filtration Range

  • Filter Belts
  • Disc Sector Cloths
  • Drum Filter Cloths
  • Press Filter Cloths (Drapeover, Barrel Neck)
  • Kelly Filter Cloths

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