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Filtration Parts & Other Filter Media

Dust Collector Parts

Your filtration equipment is under permanent stress during operation. It is critical that all components are serviced and checked regularly and replaced where necessary to ensure optimum performance of your equipment.

FilterCare offers a range of spare parts including filter cages, venturis, hose clamps and gaskets. We also offer a wide selection of spare parts used in wet filtration process equipment in the screening and filtration industries. 

Filter Cages

We supply a wide range of high quality filter cages to suit all OEM designs.

We can also custom make to suit each end user’s specification. Cages range from mild steel, galvanised wire, high temperature powder coatings, or stainless steel.

Pulse Jet Valves & Filter Cleaning Controllers

Proudly supplying and installing a range of pulse jet valves and filter cleaning controllers from our trusted Australian partners. These include: dresser nut valves, flanged valves, manifold flat mount valves, threaded valves. As well as pilot valves and enclosures for hazardous locations, enclosures for non-hazardous locations, and hazardous pilot-pex-pxa. Included in this range, we offer filter cleaning controllers, to protect your valuable equipment from dust, designed for maximum control and reliability.

Leakage Powder

 Leak detection powder is used to detect any filter leaks which may occur in the dust collector.

FilterCare stock high quality fluorescent leak detection powders available in a range of colours in 2 and 10kg tub sizes. Our on-site service team is available to carry out the testing procedures or offers full technical support throughout the leakage testing.

Wet Filtration Spares

  • Filter Press Cloth Parts
  • Pressure Belt Parts
  • Vacuum Belt Parts

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