FilterCare Australia

Onsite Service

FilterCare Australia is the technical service partner for all modern air-pollution control equipment, installation and maintenance. Our experienced and highly qualified personnel are able to offer advice, support and practical solutions for a wide range of industrial pollution requirements. Our custom developed cleaning processes increase your filter performance and lifetime saving you energy, downtime and procurement cost.

All work carried out onsite is in compliance with Workplace Health and Safety Acts, regulations and appropriate codes of practice. Employee safety is our number one priority.

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Maintenance and Installation

To ensure trouble-free function of your dust collector system and increase the productivity of your plant, regular inspections and preventative maintenance is vital.

Our highly skilled team of professionals offer a full-service package including removal and installation of filter bags. Years of onsite engineering experience enables us to execute a wide range of projects from servicing small dust collector units, to re-bagging entire power station utilities housing thousands of high value filter elements.

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In order to identify issues before they arise, Filtercare audit your filter processes regularly using visual, mechanical and chemical laboratory tests. This process allows us to increase productivity and extend the life of your filter products.

Cleaning and Regeneration

FilterCare’s special cleaning and regeneration process TYPHOON® dramatically improves the lifetime and efficiency of contaminated filter bags.


Typhoon® is an extremely effective high-pressure filter bag cleaning system developed by our partners in Germany, not offered by any other company in Australia.

This advanced filter bag cleaning system provides a proven solution against filter bag blinding and extends the lifetime of your filter bags by removing stubborn dust from the surface and from within the cross-section of the filter bag. TYPHOON® significantly improves filtration efficiency, resulting in great savings from typical replacement and operation costs.