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Research & Development

Research, development and innovation are crucial elements to further develop the knowledge base of the sector and to provide new ideas for a sustainable and globally competitive industry.

In-cooperation with leading German textile institutes and universities, we are especially active in research and development initiatives for innovative products – in particular, producing technical textiles or new application fields for textile based materials. Our laboratory facilities utilise specialised VDI test equipment designed to check and analyse the filtration characteristics using comprehensive test procedures.

Laboratory Analysis

There is an increasing demand for detailed laboratory examination of new and used filter media.

Our full service team will ship the used, malfunctioned or well maintained filter media to our laboratory to be analysed. Detailed technical reports are communicated back to the end users to document the filter media condition including fibre content, strength and permeability. Reports include DSC polymer analysis and cross section photos and predictions regarding the lifetime of the filter elements.

In addition, the laboratory analysis supports our research and development to ensure filtration issues are identified and solutions are created.

Analysis offered

  • Bag opening – optical examination
  • Detail Investigation of damage patterns
  • Air permeability – regeneration test
  • Textile mechanical properties
  • Microscopic investigation
  • pH values – chemical tests
  • Examination of surface treatments
  • Textile construction details high resolution microscopic examination
  • DSC – Checking of polymer (fibre) properties
  • VDI Testing

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