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The FilterCare Group

For more than 25 years, we have been offering innovative products and services to the industrial filtration market. Our international team of specialists design, manufacture, and supply cost-effective solutions to meet stringent industry guidelines and exceed our customers expectations.

With locations in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands, we pride ourselves on providing technical fabrics from only the best suppliers to develop customised products for a wide range of industrial filtration systems.

In combination with our state of the art filtration products our highly experienced service team audit your filter processes regularly using visual, mechanical and chemical laboratory tests. Our custom developed cleaning processes increase your filter performance and lifetime saving your energy, downtime and procurement cost.

Our Story

Filtercare began in 1995, when Michael G. Clayton and Ralf Spies collaborated to realise their vision of creating and providing leading filter products within Germany. The development of their MODNOC® and TYPHOON® equipment set new standards in the European market and continues to be held to the highest standard in the industry today.

In 2000 the pair introduced the brand to Australia. High demand and interest within the Asia Pacific ensued leading Michael G Clayton to bring his textile expertise together with the manufacturing experience of Amber Ralph to bring Filtercare Technical Textiles to life in 2013.

In 2014 Michael Clayton Jnr joined the team forming FilterCare Australia, the technical service partner to FilterCare. Michael leads a team of experienced and highly qualified personnel offering installation services and maintenance via custom developed cleaning processes.

The brand continues to lead the Australian filtration market through providing an exceptional standard of technical advice, quality products and service.

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